Workshop Presentations


SN Particulars Action
1. Key initiatives to address environmental health issues in Nepal focusing on IHCWM and WASH in HCFs_Chudamani Bhandari View/Download
2. Welcome and Objectives_Bhogendra Raj Dotel View/Download
3. Why it needs urgent attention and sustainable intervention at all levels_Ruth Stinger View/Download


SN Particulars Action

Parallel Session

1. 4R practice in HCWM_ Ruth Stringere _ Dr. Sumitra Amatya View/Download
2. BCC for improved WASH practice in rural HF of Nepal_Mr. Rajeev Banjare View/Download
3. Best Practice on disposal of menstural waste_Mr. Vivek Singh Thakuri View/Download
4. Building a climate resilient health system_Mr. Rajaram Pote Shrestha View/Download
5. Menstrual Hygiene Management: Case study and best practice in global context View/Download
6. Climate, disaster and health action for making smart hospital_Connie Kai Ru Gan View/Download
7. Disposal of Menstrual Waste Time to Act_Ms. Prerana Dangol and Ms. Sujata Singh View/Download
8. Governance modalities and oversight strategies for strengthening WASH and waste management practice_Mr. Ambar Kumar Sharma View/Download
9. Implementing Biomedical waste rules 2016_the experience of a government tertiary care hospital in new delhi, india_prof.Dr.K.T. Bhowmik View/Download
10. Disposal of chemical and pharma waste, histopathological waste and cytotoxic waste_Mr. Anders Bolmstedt View/Download
11. Gender friendly and inclusive approach on WASH in HCFs_Mr. Chet Narayan Kafle View/Download
12. Global Green Hospital Movement for climate smart healthcare_Mr. Ramon Pascual View/Download
13. Implementation of safe healthcare waste management at TUTH Nepal_Prof. Dr. Deepak Mahara View/Download
14. Learning exchange on HCWM_the experience from Taiwan_Dr. Ming Nam Lin View/Download
15. Legal framework, leadership and business plan for IHCWM in Nepal_Dr. Dhundi Raj Pathank View/Download
16. Liquid waste management in HCFs_Mr. Krishna Ram Yendo View/Download
17. Management of e-waste_Dr. Guillaume Fauvel View/Download
18. Menstrual Hygiene Management_Thérèse Mahon _ Jan-Christoph Schlenk View/Download
19. Monitoring and assessment of WASH in HCFs_Dr. Arundati Muralidharan View/Download
20. Non Burn Technology - Microwave, Monish Bhandari View/Download
21. Use of Non Burn Technology in HCWM_Mr. Mahesh Nakarmi View/Download
22. Water and Sanitation in HF improvement tool (WASH FIT)_ Srijana Shrestha View/Download

Plenary Session

23. Emerging trends and practice related to the regulatory framework for HCWM in SAARC nations_Prof. Dr. Ashok Agrawal View/Download
24. Legal framework on HCWM- Compliance monitoring practice in Nepal_Swasti Shrestha_Department of environment View/Download
25. National guideline and strategy on IHCWM and standards for WASH in HCFs_Chudamani Bhandari View/Download
26. Policy and strategy for environmental health programme in Nepal_Dr Dipendra Raman Singh View/Download
27. Situation analysis and key intervention for improvement_Dr. Sudan Raj Panti View/Download
28. User friendly tool for WASH in HCFs_Dr. Lim Khankryka View/Download


SN Particulars Action
1. A Qualitative Study with the Informal Waste Workers in Kathmandu Valley_Sujata Sapkota View/Download
2. Assessing effects of climate factors on diarrheal diseases at national and sub-national levels in Nepal_ Dr. Megnath Dhimal View/Download
3. Integrated Healthcare waste management at Local Level_Deepak Koirala View/Download
4. Integrated Solid Waste and Fecal Sludge Management_Mr. Dev Kumar Subedi View/Download
5. Waste management experience from dhankuta municipality View/Download
6. Workshop Output_Chudamani Bhandari View/Download